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₹ 2,199.00

Waist Firming ripped treggings that hide the bulges and give a slimmer silhouette to the lower body

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order accutane online canada

Your statement in black that hides all the flab on your tummy and gives a slimmer silhouette to the lower body

  • Fitwear detail at the waist to give a firm look and hide the bulges
  • Supple, stretch high quality cotton blend fabric
  • Form fitting treggings with a hint of stretch
  • Supple, slightly stretchy Fabric
  • Fits True to size, takes your normal size
  • Model is wearing a size Xsmall
  • Mild hand wash

M, XS, S, L, XL



Cheap viagra tablets, Where can i buy viagra in edinburgh

There are no reviews yet.

Cheap viagra tablets, Where can i buy viagra in edinburgh

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