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₹ 1,799.00

Perfect for a night out, this metallic silver dress with black lace flows beautifully. Made from Japanese Satin, it is designed for a slim fit.

XS | Chest: 34″ | Waist: 27″ | Length: 56″|
S | Chest: 36″ | Waist: 29″ | Length: 56.25″|
M | Chest: 38″ | Waist: 31″ | Length: 56.5″|
L | Chest: 40″ | Waist: 33″ | Length: 56.75″|
XL | Chest: 42″ | Waist: 35″ | Length: 57″

Model featured here is 5'8″ and wearing XS. Questions about fit? Email us at accutane purchase online uk.

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  • Japanese Satin
  • Side concealed zipper
  • Light-weight, non-stretchy fabric
  • Hand wash cold; tumble dry low
Weight 0.5 kg

Metallic Silver


M, XS, S, L, XL

Cheap viagra in canada, Viagra price hyderabad

There are no reviews yet.

Cheap viagra in canada, Viagra price hyderabad

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