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₹ 1,899.00

Beat the Indian summer with this Indigo color block tunic. Made from 100% handloom cotton, it is designed for a comfort fit

XS | Chest: 34″ | Waist: 27″ | Length: 35″|
S | Chest: 36″ | Waist: 29″ | Length: 35.25″|
M | Chest: 38″ | Waist: 31″ | Length: 35.5″|
L | Chest: 40″ | Waist: 33″ | Length: 35.75″|
XL | Chest: 42″ | Waist: 35″ | Length: 36″

Model featured here is 5'8″ and wearing XS. Questions about fit? Email us at accutane purchase uk.

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  • 100% Cotton with cotton lining
  • Button fastening in front
  • Mid-weight, non-stretchy fabric
  • Cold hand wash
Weight .5 kg




Buy viagra brand online, Cost of viagra in delhi

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Buy viagra brand online, Cost of viagra in delhi

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