Our Story

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335TH is India’s premium lifestyle brand that reflects the vibe of modern India. We represent a modern Indian lifestyle of stylish individuals from day to night, work to weekend on or off duty.

As an investment banker in New York, Poornima had all the right clothes: power suits, cocktail dresses. Then she returned to India to start her own business and realized that her wardrobe needed a complete remake. She never expected to work in fashion. However, with a passion for modern design and fabrics and frustrated with lack of affordable high quality wardrobe options in India, she started 335TH.

Our products are characterized by unexpected attention to detail —from carefully selected highest quality fabrics along with construction detailing — we take pride in our artistry.


Poornima is the Founder & CEO of 335TH. After moving back from New York, she experienced a huge problem in finding affordable high quality clothing. Thus, 335TH was born to address the market gap for a Modern Indian brand that offers high quality western apparel and other lifestyle products.

Prior to 335TH, Poornima switched from finance to fashion. Previously, she was an investment banker on Wall Street advising mega cap industrial companies globally. She holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, MSc. in Operational Research from The London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

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